Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 Months in the life of a Pornster

Ok, so I havent blogged in forever! I know. I have to admit that just like when I was in school I dont like to write. I never know where to start or what to say but here goes nothing.........

So let me catch you up on the past here, I did Puerto Vallarta in November for Latin Fever. It was by far the best vacation I have ever taken, and thank you for sending me there. I hung out with my old friend from LA Drew Briskin who recently moved to PV and got the hell out of la la land. His bf and my good friend Robby Ireland joined us as well. I spent the first day there on the beach and by sundown made about 30 new friends, most who were locals. I ended up hanging with them for my trip. As the days past I probably met about 200 people who became family for the week. I was asked to help promote Sunset Party Cruises where I also gogo danced on the boat with Dominick Rider my buddy who I took with me for his birthday. Yes we got down and dirty and there are pictures out there to prove it. Yikes! Special shout out to Cesar (who I love so much), Edgar, Edson, Dennis and the rest of the boys.

I also gogo danced at Blue Chairs at sunset for a few days, god that was fun. One of my best buds Beverly Fairfax also was down there and we bonded on such new levels that i will never forget. Other highlights were the White party at Club Manana and dancing the night away there every night of the week. Was sad to go but I am returning Feb 19 for 2 weeks! Look out PV, Im coming!

Next stop: Miami

So I spent 5 days in Hollywood, FL shooting with for their next installment. We shacked up in a mansion originally owned by the man who found Hollywood, FL. It was a great place with 22 rooms and was alomost 100 years old. That must be why it was leaking in the storms we had. You heard it right, the day we arrived was when one of the worst storms hit the area. Over 4 feet of water floated by the mansion and we watched cars float by, people in canoes, and even took in stranded women into the house. Yes we warned them that we had 15 nearly naked men running around the house, and yes that we were gay. They didnt care, they thought they died and went to heaven one of them said.

Anyhow, over the course of the weekend I shot 5 scenes and was quite exhausted. I was very excited too that I got to shoot a scene behind the camera assisting Trevor Knight who was directing it. It was a hot 3 some and he jumped in so I took over. I actually did a cameo in that scene as well at the end, so check it out at New scene released every Tues and Thurs. Shout outs to Jayden Grey, Trevor Knight, Jeremy Hall, Adam (manhunt CEO) Gary (Manhunt), Hector (manhunt) the Maverick Men (Xtube), and everyone else.

So Christmas was quickly approaching and on Wed the 23rd Christian Owen (pornstar, DJ, etc) asked me to do a charity event in LA at Mickys weho. It was a drive for childrens shoes and sneakers for the poor. I was happy to help. So I gogo danced for a few sets. It was my first time working at Micky's since I bartended there and was fired on Aug 5th. Side note: it was the best thing that happend to me because one week later I was on my way to being a Porn star. Everything happens for a reason, everything! Anyhow, all my old regulars were so excited to see me and I made so many tips that night. It was very exciting. Look for me doing future events with them on Wednesdays!!

I spent Christmas eve just chilling out at home with some movies and popcorn. It was exactly what the doctor ordered lol. Christmas day was cool, I watched the yule log on tv lol and then made Sweet Potato casserole for a side dish I had to bring to my buddy's house for dinner. Pretty much it was what we call an orphan christmas dinner, bunch of us who had not gone home to family for the holidays. It was a blast. Drank 2 bottles of champagne and then I was off to the bars. All I can say is I dont remember much after that.

So this brings us to NEW YEARS. My buddy Jayden Grey flew in to LA to spend it with me and a few of our friends. This year I decided to not go too crazy. We did the Weho tour and saw all my friends to wish them a happy new year. Got wasted of course but was in bed at 2:30am. I know dont ask. But I had a great time :)

Next stop: San Diego

So on the 3rd I drove down to SD to meet up with my Peeps from Suite 703 and some other friends like Jeremy Bilding. We had an amazing time. First off I stayed at the SE Hotel in downtown. Prob the nicest boutique hotel in SD. Heres a picture of my bed.

And no I didnt have sex in it but think I used my Fleshjack :P That evening I hung out with @NaughtyLauraD and @Tommy5tone from @suite703 and @jeremybilding (yes they are twitter names) lol. Oh and I cant forget about @carlyparkerxx yes a girl pornstar! There is a story there hold on. So we all had drinks at the hotel and then off to Red Pearl for dinner. We ate and drank like rockstars (of course) and then off to Hillcrest for drinks and debauchery. We hit Fiesta Cantina for a drink but quickly moved on to Mo's. Lets just say at Mo's I kissed Jeremy Bilding, made out with Carly and did jello shots from a plastic syringe. If that wasnt enough we walked to Rich's bar and well from there on out I dont know what happend.
The next day I was off to the Suite 703 offices to discuss the Re-Launch of the website and my close involvement with the company. Lets just say you will be seeing a lot of me online at which launches tomorrow Friday the 15th with 16 new scenes four of which I am in. Not sure which ones but I topped in most but have a great Bottom scene with Tommy Defendi (can you saw YEEHAWW) just a little teaser.

Next Stop: Las Vegas

So the next day Jayden Grey and I hit the road and drove out to Las Vegas to meet George Jaramillo and Ryan Raz. I booked a room at TheHotel at Mandalay Bay. We all hit the Freemont Street experience and George HAD to get the half yard of margaritas that straps around your neck. Very tourist like but we did it. Did some gambling lost some cash and by then it was 7am. Ouch, got 4 hours of sleep and well off to The Palazzo to check in for night number 2. The others left but Jayden Grey and I stayed and chilled out at the room ordering roomservice and movies on demand. An old buddy of mine who lives there also stopped by the Suite and we opened a bottle of Champagne and chilled. Little more gambling and then off to get some zzzzz. Next day we drove back to LA for Jayden's appearance at Micky's for Cocktails with the Stars with his Co-star Lexx Sabre.
It was the first one of 2K10 and sure was one to remember. People in attendace included all our favorite paparazzi and bloggers, Ryan Raz, Josh Griffin, George Jaramillo, and one can never forget, our favorite Drag Diva-DJ-Director....I can go on......Chi Chi Larue!
Later that night we hit up all the bars in Weho and again got loaded and to say the least had a blast. Spent the whole day Friday regrouping and planning the next event which was the next day. Where to??

Next Stop: Las Vegas Part II

Thats right! I flew to Vegas on Sat morning to attend events for AVN and Internext and to do some club appearances. The next 3 nights were out of fucking control!
Sat night I had dinner with Suite 703 peeps Laura, and Tommy, as well as others from the office, also Jeremy Bilding joined us for a fierce meal at Wolfgangs CUT. What a fantastic meal, well almost! The Steak Tartare was amazing! The Sirloin Sashimi as to die for! My filet mignon was awful! They overcooked it so I sent it back. They came back with the same piece cut open explaining it was cooked correctly. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! REALLY!??? I told them that I thought it was rude to bring it out to prove me wrong and they sent me a new one. BTW it was terrible the second time too lol!! Whatever, other than that it was a great experience.
What to do on a Saturday night? Krave of course! So me, Jayden, Tommi Defendi, Dj Avila, Tommy Stone, and his girl(friend) and Justin another friend headed to Krave for what was to be an awsome night. We got there and after half an hour I was like STOP! We so need a table with bottle service!! So, I made it happen and we got the center table in front of dance floor. Within an hour, all our shirts were off, we were of course making a scene and had our table surrounded by on lookers seeing what was going on. When pornstars party together well, you know, things get out of control. The waiter Alex ( i think) fell in love with us and brought us cheese and fruit plates, and hung out with us for a bit. He was cute just not my type. I guess he had fun that he brought us a Second bottle for FREE! So if we werent wasted enough we were about to be. :) Next thing you know it was 4am and afterhours was starting next door. So the waiter alex got us another table there right on the dance floor with more vodka! Enough said. We all decided to hit a cheap hotel for fun and sleep ;) there for the night.
Sunday came quickly and was off to hang with Jason Sechrest, Brandon Baker, and a few others. We had champagne and home made donuts for breakfast! Yummy! After that it was time to check into the Palms Hotel. (we stayed in the original tower which btw is a dump). Of course we then headed to the circle bar to get the day started on our alcohol intake. Dinner was a cozy one which myself, Tommy Stone, Jayden Grey, Justin Martindale, and another Justin ate at Little Buddah. Lets just say that dinner sucked too!! NEXT......

So that night it was off to do an Appearance at Gypsy Nightclub. The night was being sponsored by Cybersocket and I gogo danced and had a blast. We got wasted again lol and some of my buds were there dancing with me like Jayden Grey, Tommi Defendi, Jason Pitt and some non porn friends like DJ, Casey, and others. Made some great money, a few die hard fans were there taking tons of pics (wink) and then it was off to REVOLUTION at the Mirage.
Wow, I was very impressed with the lounge and the service. We got there around 2am and it was packed. So what do we do? You guessed it! Bottle service please :) So thanks to Suite 703 and others in attendacnce we had a blast! Each table had this really cool interactive humm...lets call it an electric Etcha Sketch. Check out the Pic!

It mesmerized us for HOURS! Danced the night away with everyone before heading back to the hotel for some zzzzzz.
Monday I was feeling sick, ugh. So spent the day alone in my hotel room with roomservice and cough medicine. Later that night we had dinner at Yellowtail at the Bellagio. Dinner, cocktails and friends were just amazing! After that it was off to Piranha Nightclub for another appearance and gogo dancing sponsored by the same people above!! Again had a blast but all things must end and went back to the hotel, wrestled with Tommi Defendi and DJ for a while and passed out. Tuesday it was time to fly back to LA.

Which I have now been in bed since recovering :) Well I think I have brought you all up to date. I am shooting a Scene tonight with Turk Mason for Suite 703 and another scene tomorrow. I must say that I am really happy with my life and how my career has taken off so quickly and all the support I am getting from the industry and most importantly my friends both old and new. I wanna do another shout out to Laura D and Tommy Stone.....I love you guys! Thanks Jeremy Bilding (he knows why), Jason Sechrest for doing a great job and Brandon Baker for all the appearances and interviews he has gotten me. THANK YOU!

A few more things, next week is the regional Hookies at Here Lounge in Weho on Wednesday hosted by Chi Chi Larue and Jason Sechrest. I am one of the front runners and would love for you to vote for me by clicking HERE

I will be doing another blog later to list my Calendar of Events for Jan, Feb, and Mar.


  1. Your amazing Drew! Great Blog keep it up!!!

    yours truly,
    Jayden Grey

  2. Awesome blog post Drew! LOVE IT! Keep at it and write more!


  3. Drew so you havent blogged in a while huh? Wel you made up for it with a Mega post!

    This was so fun to read!

    All the best and looking forward to the Suite 703 re-launch!