Monday, December 21, 2009

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Scene Preview featuring Kyle King & Drew Cutler: Hot House’s “Loading Zone”

Hot House Exclusive Kyle King and Drew Cutler unload together in Hot House release “Loading Zone” which is available exclusively at

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot House "Loading Zone" coverage by COPblog

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cut & Load: Hot House's "Loading Zone"

Sometimes I scare myself! Hehe.

When I wrote about stud Drew Cutler yesterday and made reference to his action star, tough guy demeanor while joking he’d be great in a parody of “Road House” entitled “Load House” I was oblivious to his work in upcoming Hot House feature “Loading Zone.”

Now check out the garb Cutler is wearing in these solo glamour shot stills and it would seem to me that my initial vibe was right on the money! LOL.

Drew also has joined the blogosphere at you can view his scribes at

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Thank you, Drew Cutler, this is how all underwear should be modeled


Drew Cutler's new to the adult industry and ready to make a big splash, and by "splash" I mean wield his thick cock into some of the most famous asses in the industry. For example, he's already worked with Johnny Hazzard in Chi Chi LaRue's upcoming Playing With Fire: 4 Alarm (watch the trailer and pre-order here), which either makes us super jealous or super horny.

Either way, keep your eyes on this one, kids. He's always hard, always sweet (seriously, we met him in Palm Springs and he couldn't be more of a nice guy), and always ready to please. See more of Drew, without the underwear, after the jump...

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Also, see Drew on Drake Rock, or in his new scene in the Hot House Backroom!







Media coverage of Playing with fire 4 alarm

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drew Cutler & Landon Conrad: All Worlds/C1R’s “Playing With Fire: 4 Alarm”

Drew Cutler and Landon Conrad are two uber hunky newcomers featured in Chi Chi LaRue’s All Worlds/C1R movie “Playing With Fire: 4 Alarm” and both men certainly know how to put on a show.

Cutler and Conrad, whose rippled muscles and sexual prowess definitely make individual statements in the production, stand 6’ 180 lbs 8 inches and 5’9” 175 lbs and 8 inches, respectively.

One could even suggest Drew and Landon should have their very own gay action figures since they look like something out of a Hollywood shoot ‘em up flick. Hehe.

Here’s a thought: “Load House” starring Drew and Landon as an homage to guilty pleasure, cult classic favorite “Road House.” LOL.

Catch studly Drew and Landon in “Playing With Fire: 4 Alarm” which is now available at

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