Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

Hi everyone. Its been a crazy few weeks and its not slowing down anytime soon. I bartended last week for Push 2 Play event at Studio 1444 promoted by Jay and Cody of Fubar and Woody and many others. It was a succesful event and thanks to all who donated money and their time. It was tons of fun. If you missed it there will be more events to follow.
I then took off to NY to visit the Ole Family, it was great seeing them and my buddies. It has been over a year and a half since I was last there. Gosh my sisters kids are getting older and are young teenagers. We were watching TV and our conversations were about the HOT boys on the show....a first for them with their gay uncle lol.
Anyway, got back to LA last week, Wed night at Here Lounge was a blast and fun catching up with everyone! Friday was Out on The Mountain at 6 flags and I cant tell you how much fun it was to ride the roller coasters. I havent done that in years! My favorite was X2 and Goliath. Front seat looking down felt like I was flying!
So now its Monday and I am getting ready for 2 scenes this week. One is for and the other is for Playing With Fire 4 a Chi Chi Larue movie. I am very excited and cant wait until you all see the release. Stay tuned and I will be keeping you updated on the release dates.
Thats all for to the gym.

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  1. You really have been a busy bee!

    I'm excited for you and your two scenes this week. Now we just have to get you rescheduled for Live & Raw. Hope that'll be coming up soon, stud.